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Corporate culture

Corporate culture

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Employee code of conduct:
Obey leadership     Proficient in business    Efficient and pragmatic    refine on
Think ahead     Scientific development    be modest and prudent    Solidarity and mutual assistance

Guidelines for leading cadres:
Distinguish between public and private, be honest and self disciplined, have the courage to criticize and have a decent style,
Set an example and be fair   Appoint people on merit and keep pace with the times.
Words must be done, deeds must bear fruit, and fruits must be broken!
Be honest and upright!
I sincerely wish every employee of the company can make continuous progress with the steady development of our group, and everyone can realize it together---
Life is worth living, doing something, getting what they want and sharing brilliance!

Employee oath
In line with the belief of treating each other sincerely and striving for the cause of health, he volunteered to devote himself to the cause of general practice health.
Consciously abide by national laws, regulations and various rules and regulations of the company.
Strive to study business, work hard, down-to-earth, do their own work, and constantly improve their own quality
Obey the leadership and command.
Love the company as home, and regard the reputation of the company as life.
Work with one heart and one mind, be loyal to the inside, be smart to the outside, strictly keep the company's secrets, and do nothing to harm the interests of the company.

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