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HARBIN QUANKE MEDL-TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. is founded by Mr. WANG XIANG LIN Who founded the physical therapy of multiple peaks wide band vital life energy nanometer wave and invented the QK THERAPEUTIC APPARATUS. The enterprise is awarded the high technology enterprise by HEILONGJIANG PROVINCE GOVERNMENT. Since establishment in 1990, the purpose of the QUANKE is to "serve for the people wholeheartedly, benefit mankind, improve the quality of human life and health level". We will research and develop the high-tech equipment and also explore the new technology continuously. We have successfully produced about 30 types of QK-SYSTEMIC THERAPEUTIC APPARATUS which are used by more and more hospitals and families. QK-THERAPEUTIC APPARATUS is welcomed by the families and hospitals because of the quick effect and wide applicable scope.

For 20 years, the QK-SYSTEMIC THERAPEUTIC APPARATUS has been sold throughout the country (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) and other major cities, which have set up ranches and service network on the United States, Canada, France, Germany, the Philippines, Malaysia and other countries.

QUANKE MEDL-TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. has registered capital 10 million yuan, the production base is more than 40000 square meters, the workshop and the office building are more than 20000 square meters.The company has set up manufactory,sales department, foreign trade department, network department,scientific research and development department, which also set up HARBIN PHOTOELECTRIC MEDICAL SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT COMPANY,HARBIN DIFFICULT-DISEASE PHYSICAL THERAPY INSTITUTE and DIFFICULT DISEASES AND PHYSICAL THERAPY HOSPITALS and other branches. The company has a strong research and development department and sales teams. All products are for independent production and powerful guarantee the product quality and marketing channel. 

We have got CE, FDA, ISO9001 and IS013485 certification for our QK series products. The research and development and producing process of QK products is controled and managed by committee of experts. They are designed according to the related international standards. And all products would received the special tests(including EMC,safety,environment and so on), the quality of our products, the safety and reliability of all products can be guaranteed.

For twenty years, the QK-SYSTEMIC THERAPEUTIC APPARATUS has obtained more than 30 state invention patents and received the national patent invention gold medal many times. In 1997 ,the State Council development research center was awarded "the most CHINA" honorary title, which be put into the record of Honor Award ceremony .;In the same year the United States Einstein invented expo center award our products "international invention golden award";In 2002, the The QK-SYSTEMIC THERAPEUTIC APPARATUS is as “National Key New Product “by the national ministry of science and technology, foreign trade department and five ministries;In 2005 ,cancer rehabilitation instrument is listed national torch plan projects; In 2008,it is confirmed “High and New Technology Enterprise in Heilongjiang province” by Heilongjiang provice Governments and Science and Technology Commission; China <<science daily >>says that  the successful development of the QK-SYSTEMIC THERAPEUTIC APPARATUS is a medical revolution; Chinese People Magazine reported that this technology invention "could be compared to the great inventions of the biological medicine at the Nobel great inventions"

"QK" is gradually become famous brands at home and abroads.

" QK " was established physical medical method to prevent and cure diseases and can prolong the human life, will be a significant role in human history .


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